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Design: The Up Table


Design: The UP Coffee Table, one to remember. We love this. How creative is it? Looking light weight and like so much fun.

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Fashion: The small fab


The small ones. There can wear anything they want. Anything and look cute at the same time. And kids don’t get cuter then Alexander Wang’s niece, Aila Wang.  We have to share. Enjoy.

Posted on November 13, 2012 Read More »

Fashion: Fifth Element


Fashion: Jewelry can elevate an outfit to an whole other level. And now you can do it with jewelry inspired by The Fifth Element. It’s big-bada-boom-tastic!

Posted on October 15, 2012 Read More »

Design: Hidden pools


Design: Hidden swimming pools! You can make the pool as deep as you want. Love that!

Posted on October 1, 2012 Read More »

Art: 21 Swings

21 Swings

Art: Together we can create so much more than be ourselves. 21 Swings is an interactive installation located in Montreal that teaches us just that in a simple but beautiful way.

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Fashion: Inspired by Dutchie!

ib sep wk12

We love this girl’s style! This look in particular is working for her! She kinda looks like Cheryl Cole in this picture! It is so good! Very proud especially because she is a Dutchie! We love it! Follow this girl via this site.

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Fashion: Inspired by boyish

The boyish look

Fashion: We are inspired by this girl and her great boyish look.

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Art: Traveler Photo Contest


These are the winners of the National Geopgrahic Traveler Photo Contest. This is the great world of traveling.

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